Benefit: ‘They’re Real’ Mascara Review

I’m a total mascara junkie, and in the back of my mind have always had a list of mascaras I need to try. Not surprisingly, this total cult product from Benefit has always been number one. Ever since this mascara and it’s very convincing advertising campaign were launched, I’ve been wanting to try it- it’s been on my Lust List since I started it- but I haven’t for two reasons; the fact that I have a thousand other mascaras to use up and the £18.50 price tag. My resolve was lost, however, when by chance I spotted a miniature version in Boots yesterday. My lust for this product combined with a love for mini’s in general AND the lower price tag meant there was no way I was leaving without it.


The first thing that surprised me about this mascara was the brush. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a typical rubber bristle brush, only with the added weirdness of a ball on the end to catch little lashes. I don’t know if someone has told the cosmetic industry that everyone loves these circular brushes, and maybe they do, but I really don’t, so that threw me a little.

The second thing that surprised me was how much of an anti climax it was. I’d been expecting great things, amazing things, and I got….. normal things. It’s a perfectly fine mascara. Good, even. But in my opinion it is not worth the hefty price tag, no siree.

I’m struggling to grasp what everyone loves about this mascara, since I can name at least ten off the top of my head that are far superior. I want my mascara to volumise and lengthen whilst still looking subtle, and whilst this did make them darker and thicker it did not lengthen them excessively, and there was definite ‘spider’ action here and there. Sigh.

As it turned out, the thing I liked best about this was the teeny tiny sweetness of it, which wouldn’t even be the case if I had bought the full size! Since it was only £9.50 for this size I’m glad I tried it and satisfied my curiosity, but I won’t be repurchasing. I’ve tried another Benefit mascara, Bad Gal Lash, and I totally prefer it, so if you’re looking to invest in a Benefit mascara that’s the one to go for- I really didn’t feel the love for this one. Nothing for than a lukewarm ‘like’ from me, I’m afraid.


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