Bitesize Facts

1. I LOVE the movies. If there’s one thing that I’m as obsessed with as beauty it’s films and TV. My DVD collection is constantly fighting my product collection for space.

2. I  also love music- doesn’t everyone? Favourites include Delta Goodrem, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Anna Nalick, Kate Voegele, Damien Rice, Evanescence, Ke$ha, Gabrielle Aplin, James Blunt, Kelly Clarkson, Lucie Silvas, Mumford and Sons, Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Brooks, Snow Patrol, Nerina Pallot, Josh Groban, Dario Marianelli and Britney Spears… I could go on….

3. I’m convinced I can play the piano, but every time I try it doesnt work. And yet I’m still always convinced I can. I’m convinced I can right now, even whilst I’m writing that I can’t. Huh.

4. I have a paranoid fear of getting a paper cut on my eyeball.

5. I love making lists, because I like to keep my thoughts in order. I even make lists of lists I need to make.

6. I have a degree in Law

7. My top 8 favourite films (in order) are: Speed, Pride & Prejudice, Inception, The Shawshank Redemption, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Village and Aladdin.

8. I always forget how much I like sweetcorn.

9. I scare easily. Even Scooby-Doo can still make me uneasy.

10. I can very easily go crazy, fan-girl obsessed over something if I decide I like it.

11. I wish I was two inches taller (I’m 5″8)

12. I’m a morning person. For some reason I never get grouchy when I wake up, even if I haven’t been asleep long.

13. I can knit with my feet.

14. I love chocolate. But hell, who doesn’t? Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is my favourite.

15. I enjoy healthy eating and I’m obsessed with taking vitamins and supplements.

16. TV wise, I’m currently loving The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, Dexter, Bones and Supernatural (and I’m always loving Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

17. I drive a (purple) Citroen C3 named Buffy that I love so much I nearly weep every time I look at her.

18. My favourite food is greek yogurt mixed with pomegranate seeds. My favourite sweets are Haribo Jelly Babies.

19. I’ve previously worked at both Odeon and Waterstones, reflecting my love of movies and Books. My favourite authors are Sophie Kinsella, Jane Austen and Deborah Moggach and my favourite book is Goodnight Mr Tom.

20. I find it literally impossible to turn down a dare.

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