Magazine Freebies; May 2015

It’s that time again! The sun comes out and with it brings a whole bunch of magazine freebies. Strangely, though, I haven’t bought any of them. I think this may be the first time that there has been multiple freebies and I haven’t indulged in even one! This may yet change, but for the moment, let’s just move onto the list. I would normally start with the one I’ve bought, so let’s just start with the one I’m most likely to buy.


In Style

Clinique smart custom repair serum

I am soooo tempted by this. So very tempted. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this serum, and I’m totally getting into serums at the moment. This may be a match made in heaven. The only thing putting me off is the magazine; I’ve never been a huge fan. This feels silly, however, as I would totally buy the serum for £4. I would through to recommend you buy this; it’s a bargain and apparently awesome. I’m going on a plane next week, so I can totally see myself buying this at Heathrow. Watch this space….


Percy and Reed

Hair Volumiser No-Oil Oil.

My hair is pretty big already, but it’s also quite fine. As a result, I do have an interest in volumisers, and I’m intrigued by the ‘no oil’ concept here. Again, the only thing putting me off is the magazine. That, plus I’ve never been blown away by the brand. I imagine this one will pass me by.


Marie Claire

Neal’s Yard Mint and Bergamot hand cream.

I actually don’t mind Marie Claire, and if this was the Clinique I would already Have bought it. I really don’t need anther handcream though: I already have about 7. I also don’t think much of Neals Yard creams, I tend to find them a bit watery.

So there we have it; the best of May offerings. If you indulge let me know!

Magazine Freebies Roundup: November 2014

After a few quiet months, UK magazines have finally got their act together and given us some decent freebies! As per usual, I’m starting with the least interesting.


In Style: Murad Cleanser

A mini Murad cleanser from In Style this month. It’s a nice travel size, and it calls itself ‘luxury’ which is always good. Can’t speak for the brand, as I’ve never tried it, but it sounds decent enough! It describes itself as an AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser, which in my opinion is a great thing; can’t get enough of those fruit exfoliants! It also calls itself ‘age reform’ though, and since I don’t quite feel old enough for age reform yet, that combined with my lack of affection for the magazine put me off buying it.


 Cosmopolitan: Nip + Fab Body Cream

Can we take a second to appreciate the fact that Queen Taylor of Swift is on the cover? Looking particularly fabulous and wintery in purple, no less! Yes, I totally love Taylor. So should we all. End of.

Anyway, Cosmo are offering a Nip  + Fab ‘Slim Fix’ moisturiser, which describes itself as a  2 in one toning gel. Which is great, I guess, but I just don’t believe you can buy skinny in a tube. I don’t have to find out, either, as unfortunately I bought my copy at WHSmith before I spotted this freebie in Tesco. So If you fancy it, looks like it’s a Tesco exclusive!


 Glamour: Nails Inc Nail Polish

This one I bought without hesitation, since I am A) a HUGE fan of Glamour (best mag ever) and B) a big Nails Inc fan. I chose a lovely dark purple shade, but there was also a warm, shimmery red, a maroon brown and a gold beige.


 Elle: Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner

Reasons I haven’t bought this yet:

  • I don’t really care for Elle magazine
  • I was very disappointed by the “They’re Real” mascara
  • I have about 20 eyeliners already

Reasons I will probably go and buy it before the end of the month:

  • I kinda want to try out this new eyeliner, as it’s been getting great reviews.
  • £4, while expensive for a magazine, is a delightful price to pay for a handbag size Benefit eyeliner
  • I can’t resist a mini

So, whilst I imagine I will end up with this, I haven’t yet indulged. The reasons that it’s worth getting are undeniable, though, so do let me know if you go for it!

Magazine Freebies Roundup: July 2014

After a disappointing few months for the magazines, they’re back in force with a ton of free stuff for Summer. Huzzah!! Let’s start, as ever, with the ones I didn’t buy.

photo 3

Harpers Bazar has a free L’Occitane fragrance which seems like a rather adorable freebie. It wasn’t enough to tempt me, but if you are already a user of their fragrances, what a great way to get a travel size!

photo 11

In Style have a free Neals Yard handcream. As of this moment I have 7 tubes of handcream to use up, so this was really easy to resist.

photo 13

Elle have a Malin and Goetz travel set containing cleanser, face cream and lip balm. This is exactly the kind of thing I’d usually jump at, but I hadn’t heard of the brand, so it wasn’t a must have. Add that to the fact that Cheryl Cole was on the cover (can’t stand her) and it made it even easier to turn down.

photo 1

Red had a Rodial lip balm free, which sounded rather nice, but I have approximately 20 lipbalms already, and since I’ve recently picked a favourite I’m trying to cut down. (More on that later!) As a result, I didn’t get this.

Ok, so moving swiftly on to the magazines I did buy!

photo 12

Marie Claire had Katherine Heigl on the cover this month, which was really rather offputting. There’s something about her I just can’t bear; she’s so smug, and nowhere near as talented as she thinks she is. Anyway, I put that aside for the cool freebie; a Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. Its a thick, sticky scrub which you slather onto your face, then the instructions say to remove with a cloth. I didn’t actually use a cloth the first time, trying to wash it off with just water, and it did not go well. Thick, sticky and immovable this stuff is! I eventually got it off, and my face was nice and smooth, but I’ll defo be using a cloth in future!

photo 2

Cosmopolitan had dear old Nicole on the cover, who I do like. Only worth mentioning cos I’ve been so negative about everyone else! Haha! Anyway, they were giving away some New CID cosmetics, a choice of a lip or cheek tint or a mascara. I went with the mascara, and was rather underwhelmed. I’ll update this later when I have pics, but for now safe to say it was rather generic.

photo 4Finally we have Glamour, my fave magazine, who brought me the best gift and the worst cover. Yep, hate Ellie too. Was the month for me to hate on cover stars! Anyway, it was a choice of Clinique products, which is rather cool. I already had the moisturiser and mascara full size, so I went with the lipstick instead. Again, will update later with pics, but it’s pretty decent!

So that was July. More quantity over quality maybe?? Hey, I’m just happy to have some freebies!!


Magazine Freebies Roundup; March 2014

I’ve been whining for the last few months about the complete lack of freebies with magazines, and I’m glad to say there is finally a nice haul of stuff you can get this month. I am, however, a little worried that I may have been conditioned by my long period of freebie-fasting, as I have only bought one of them! The horror! Let’s hope this isn’t a long term affliction. Anyway, enough of my rambles, on to the freebies…

I’ve spotted four this month, and I’ll start with the least exciting one; Company.


Company were offering their own branded mascara, the imaginatively named ‘Company Lashes’. It looked like a big one to me, a chunky brush somewhat similar to the Bourjois clubbing mascaras, and I tend to favour leaner brushes, so I didn’t get it.


Marie Claire had a Neal’s Yard moisturizing lipgloss which looked quite cute, but I don’t really care for lipgloss, plus it looked a little dark for me, so I didn’t get it. Worth £9.50 though, so a worthy investment!


Elle had the product that most tempted me of all the ones I didn’t buy; a Percy and Reed Wonder Balm, pitched as a hair primer! This intrigued me no end, but I’m not a huge fan of Elle, and I’ve been trying to use up my numerous hair products recently, so I skipped it. It looks adorable, though, so I may still try it…


Glamour is the one I did buy, as I buy it every month anyway; it’s my absolute fave! Glamour were offering a freebie they’ve actually given away before; a choice of mascara, lipgloss, eyeliner and lipliner from brand Model Co. I got the same thing I got last time, the mascara, so you can check out my review here; my opinion hasn’t changed!

So that’s that! So glad to have freebies back again, I’ve missed them so. Let me know what freebies you get; especially if you get the Percy and Reed, I could easily be swayed towards it!

November Magazine Freebies Roundup

This month has been truly brilliant for freebies, with everything on offer coming from a fantastic brand. First up are the ones I didn’t buy!

With Marie Claire this month you can get a free shower scrub by Rituals. Their stuff is always nice, so a great buy if you need a new shower gel and you fancy a free magazine!


Rather excitingly, this month with Tatler magazine you can land a free clutch bag! It’s designed by Markus Lupfer, and is a snakeskin design in either orange or cream. I have sooo many bags, so I didn’t indulge, but boy was I tempted.

So onto the things I did buy, starting with Cosmopolitan, who were offering a free Orly nail polish.


You could choose from 4 colours; bright red, gold, deep plum and nude. I already have the first three in spades, so I chose the nude. Can never have enough nudes!


It was the first Orly nail polish I’d tried, and I was impressed. The formula was very light and smooth, and went on well. This is two coats;


I really liked the shade as well, although honestly it’s so similar to a massive portion of my nail polish collection. Still, for a freebie I was a happy Cat!


Now onto my favourite magazine, Glamour, who were this month offering a free Nails Inc polish, as designed by Kate Spade. Fabulous!


Unfortunately, as with Cosmo I have pretty much all of the shades on offer; it was a choice of red, silver, gold and black, and since it’s a failsafe I went with Black.


There’s not really a huge amount to say here. It’s Nails Inc, so it’s good. This is one coat;


It’s a solid black, but not as good as the Essie one. Nothing ever could be! Another black to add to the collection!


Definitely the most exciting giveaway this month was Elle, who were offering a Benefit lipgloss.


You could choose from Coralista (a bright orangy red), Dandelion (a nude/pink) and Hoola (a beuge brown). Since the brown was the least offensive shade, I went with Hoola.


Regular readers will know I’m really not a lipgloss fan, but I have to say Benefit have totally sold me on this. It’s soft, smooth and not at all sticky, with a lovely shiny finish.


I honestly will consider buying this again when it’s used up, and I think that’s the first time I’ve said that about a lipgloss. Just goes to show that magazine freebies work!

So that’s everything I picked up this month. How about you? Let me know! x

Magazine Freebies Roundup- June 2013

My goodness, June really is the month to buy magazines. There are freebies bursting at the seams! I don’t think I came across a single magazine without something free with it, and as a result I wasn’t able to buy them all this month. Shockingly, I do sometimes restrain myself! Despite this, I did take a quick snap of all of the ones I didn’t buy, just so I could keep you all posted.


Elle were offering a free Rodial fake tan tube. Fake tan looks ridick on me so I rarely partake, but the girl next to me in the shop was getting very excited, so this seems to be a good brand. If you’re about to hit the beach, stock up on a cheap fake tan here!


Essentials magazine (I’ll be honest- I’d never heard of it) are this month offering a free mini Dirty Works body butter. This offer is exclusive to Sainsbury’s, which isn’t a huge shock considering that Dirty Works is (I’m pretty sure) a Sainsbury’s brand. They’re nice products, though, kind of similar to Soap and Glory if that floats your boat. It does mine!


With Cosmopolitan you can choose from one of three pairs of sunglasses, and as a bonus you also get a packet of Smints and a tube of Mentoes. Added bonus- Isla Fisher is on the cover! Love her!


Again with the sunglasses, this time free with Tatler, a magazine I don’t think I’ve ever bought. As a result, I have little to say here. Sunglasses. Tatler. Boom.


Continuing with the tradition of magazines I’ve never bought we have Harper’s Bazarr, who are offering something rather hard to resist- a Leighton Denny polish duo. These are similar to the new Revlon polishes Emma Stone has been flashing, a colour on one side and an embellishment on the other, and are just lush looking.

Righto, so that’s it with the magazines I didn’t buy, now onto the ones I did get!


I’ll start with Company, who were offering one of three mini makeup bags in spots, stripes or flowers. I went with the black and white stripes- keep it simple.


It’s small, sweet and simple- made by Company themselves, so it’s not too flash. I use it to stash a mini amount of makeup at the boyfs house and it does the job perfectly. A bit boring this one- more exciting really is Nina Dobrev on the cover. She’s just fabulous!!!!

Next up we have something a little more exciting from In Style, who have cut the price of their magazine to £2.50 this month as well as giving away a tube of Neal’s Yard face cream.


It’s called Power Berry Daily Moisture- a day cream full of super fruits that’s meant to boost your anti-aging power. Can’t be bag, plus it smells lush- a win all round from me!

Marie Claire caused me a great deal of excitement by giving away an adorable mini Ciate nail caviar kit.


I love the whole nail caviar trend, so I was all over this one. It’s a soft, camel shade called Shooting Star, with gold and pearlescent beads called Cookies and Cream. Adorable!




DSCN1238I actually wasn’t overly impressed with the coverage of the colour polish. This was two coats, and as you can see it’s rather patchy.


The beads, on the other hand, were stunning- I may even go as far as to say they are my favourite ever nail beads! Gorgeous!


A total win of a freebie from Marie Claire- I recommend three coats of the colour, though, and don’t skip the base coat!

As an added bonus, they were also offering a mini Oral B toothpaste.


This toothpaste, the Pro Expert one, is actually the paste I already use, so I was ecstatic to have it for travelling purposes. Highly recommended!

Next up is Red magazine. Try and get it in Tesco as it’s half price, only £2, but the freebie should be available everywhere- it’s a tube of Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm.


I totally love the idea of this, but I haven’t actually got round to using it yet. I used to be obsessed with radiance balm, though, and I love Elemis, so I think I’ll be smitten all over again.

Finally we have my favourite magazine AND my favourite freebie- Glamour! They were offering a choice of products from the brand Model Co, and you could choose from an eyeliner, lipliner, 2 shades of lipgloss or a mascara. As I so often do, I went with the mascara.


It’s called Fibre Lash Extend, a name that totally worked on a gimmick lover like me as I had images of fibres swirling in the formula and sticking to my lashes. It did actually look that way when I inspected the brush- you can see little fibres sticking off it!


As it was, I really liked this mascara, but I didn’t adore it. don’t get me wrong- it’s awesome, and you actually could see the fibres building your lashes up, but I just have some others that I like more.


It’s very volumous though, and dark, and it’s managed to make its way to the top of my current faves. I haven’t tried the other freebies obviously, but I feel like the mascara is the best choice!

Phew! So there we have it, all the goodies you can bag this month! Thank heavens for the summer hols, and all the mags competing with each other to grab the attention of duty free shoppers- it makes summer all that brighter for those of us stuck at home! Did you love the nail caviar too? Which Glamour gift did you pick? Let me know!

Magazine Freebies Roundup: May 2013

Apologies for the delay, but I’ve been away in sunny Portugal! You can expect a lot of holiday themed reviews as a result, but today’s is the classic ‘magazine freebie’ post.



Aside from the two above, Elle were also offering a free Benefit Mascara this month. I didn’t buy it, cos I already own it, and frankly was a little underwhelmed by it, but I snapped off a quick picture in store to show you anyway. The review is here if you’re interested!


So first to Marie Claire, who were offering one of three Avon products. You could get a red lipstick, a brow definer or a gel eyeliner. I have multitudes of all 3, but I went with the eyeliner. You also got a free sachet of BB cream, again Avon.


DSCN1101I have a ton of eyeliner, and I wasn’t expecting anything miraculous, but I was actually impressed. The texture was lovely, and the product was thick and went on beautifully and very dark. I was able to smudge it nicely too. I currently favour Rimmel eyeliner, but this could be a new fave! Time will tell!


The other freebie this month was with In Style, who were offering a Nails Inc polish in either red, pale pink or peach. I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them, but I went with the Peach in the end, as it was the only shade I didn’t have a dupe for.

DSCN1094It’s a very bright, pastel orange/peach shade, much lighter and girlier than my usual taste. It seems that pastel shades are going to be the in thing this summer!


Despite my usual distain for this type of shade, I actually liked this. I think because it wasn’t too pink. It also goes on very bright and chalky, which strangely I liked!


Great quality as always from Nails Inc- this was two coats, and had a great, smooth application. I liked that it was neutral, but a little livelier than my usual neutral shades. Bring on the summer!


That’s this month’s freebies- sorry again for the lateness, I’ll probably be putting up the June mags any day now!