Magazine Freebies; May 2015

It’s that time again! The sun comes out and with it brings a whole bunch of magazine freebies. Strangely, though, I haven’t bought any of them. I think this may be the first time that there has been multiple freebies and I haven’t indulged in even one! This may yet change, but for the moment, let’s just move onto the list. I would normally start with the one I’ve bought, so let’s just start with the one I’m most likely to buy.


In Style

Clinique smart custom repair serum

I am soooo tempted by this. So very tempted. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this serum, and I’m totally getting into serums at the moment. This may be a match made in heaven. The only thing putting me off is the magazine; I’ve never been a huge fan. This feels silly, however, as I would totally buy the serum for £4. I would through to recommend you buy this; it’s a bargain and apparently awesome. I’m going on a plane next week, so I can totally see myself buying this at Heathrow. Watch this space….


Percy and Reed

Hair Volumiser No-Oil Oil.

My hair is pretty big already, but it’s also quite fine. As a result, I do have an interest in volumisers, and I’m intrigued by the ‘no oil’ concept here. Again, the only thing putting me off is the magazine. That, plus I’ve never been blown away by the brand. I imagine this one will pass me by.


Marie Claire

Neal’s Yard Mint and Bergamot hand cream.

I actually don’t mind Marie Claire, and if this was the Clinique I would already Have bought it. I really don’t need anther handcream though: I already have about 7. I also don’t think much of Neals Yard creams, I tend to find them a bit watery.

So there we have it; the best of May offerings. If you indulge let me know!

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask by The Body Shop

I LOVE facemasks.

I really, really do.

Anytime I discover a new brand, or a new store, the first thing I do is make a beeline to the facemask section. I’ve been doing facemasks on myself since I was pretty young, and I truly believe the right mask can make the world of difference.

I have a ton. As of writing, I think I have just under 20 face masks in my possession, which I use in rotation. I use them all for different reasons; clay, if I’m having a day in which my face looks like an oil slick. Brightening, if I’m feeling less than luminous. Moisturising, to combat winter dryness. Peel-off, for when I want to feel like a kid who’s gone mental with PVA glue.

I’m always buying new ones, and willing to try every single one I find, but I also have some which I preference, ones which I repurchase, with a proven history of effectiveness. The one I’m writing about today is one of these. I was using it last night, and it suddenly occurred to me that despite being a facemask obsessive, I’ve never really blogged about them. This madness must end!!!!


This little fella is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask by The Body Shop. The following attributes are pulled from their website;

This revitalising clay mask cleanses skin and controls excess oil.

  • Draws out impurities
  • Clarifying
  • Refreshing

I should mention at this point that I have a massive bias towards clay masks. This is for a number of reasons; I have a pretty oily T-zone, for one thing, and clay is the best thing for oily skin. I also love the idea of slathering on a really thick mask, a hefty layer of mud, and having all the grim and dirt soak up into it like a sponge. You can really only get this effect with a clay mask, and that’s the reason I was first drawn to this one.


As you can see, this is truly a mud mask, to a massive degree. It’s SO thick. It may be the thickest mud mask I’ve ever used. You truly have to dig in order to scoop out a fingerful of this stuff; it’s the kind of nightmare mud that used to make me hate hockey at school.

Fortunately, on your face, it’s heaven. It’s thick, gritty, and really feels like it’s gonna super power its way through your face, taking all dirt and oil with it. It’s so thick that you really don’t need a massive amount to get solid coverage, which is fantastic, as it means you can get more uses out of it.


Another great thing about this mask is how fast it dries. Most mud masks take their own sweet time, but this one is crusty in under 10 minutes; practically a miracle given how thick it is. It also does this pretty cool thing where it shows you what it’s doing; as you can see in the pictures below, as it dries, you can see oily spots on my nose, where the mask is soaking up the grossness.

Go ahead, look at my oily pores. I dare you.

Go ahead, look at my oily pores. I dare you.

I can’t even explain how much fun this is to observe. It’s like using that mouthwash where you spit all the bacteria into the sink afterwards; gross, but intensely satisfying.

My skin always feels great after I wash this mask off. Fresh and clear, without a drop of oil in sight. It brightens up my T-zone considerably, and I feel like it keeps oil at bay for at least a few days afterwards.

It has a lovely, fresh, oceany smell (that would be the seaweed then) which makes me feel like I’m having a proper, spa facial. I can’t speak to what it tastes like, but my cat seemed to enjoy it.

That's fine Parsley, you go right ahead and snack on my face.

That’s fine Parsley, you go right ahead and snack on my face.

There had to be a downside, of course, and here it is; this is one of those masks that can sting like hell on earth. If you’ve ever had a stingy face mask, you know exactly what I mean. That horrid, itchy, burning sensation that makes you want to wash off the mask STRAIGHT AWAY before you lose all the skin on your face. That feeling.

Now to be fair, I don’t get this all the time. It happened the first 2 times I used it, and lasted for about a minute before settling down. I’ve always told myself this is just my skin being super cleaned, but I really don’t know if that’s true. It certainly is true that after my skin got used to it, the stingy feeling went away, never to return, but I still feel like I need to warn you. If you have sensitive skin, this may be one to avoid.

I do love it, though. It’s one of the more satisfying mud masks I’ve used, and the gritty texture gives you a bit of exfoliation when you wash it off.

You can buy it here for £13, and according to their website it’s a bestseller, which I can totally understand. An amazing face mask for a solid price, with only a slight chance of extreme face burn. I call that a win!

Ren V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream

Today’s review is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a long time; so long, in fact, that when I went to find the website link for the product, I found out it now has a different name. as a result, the product in the pictures is Ren Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, but the product I’m reviewing is V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream.


I’m not sure I’m a fan of the new name, to be honest. “V-Cense” sounds like a chastity club to me, not an epic face cream. Plus, having Frankincense written on the tube made me feel a little bit Christmassy every time I used it. Still, at least they haven’t discontinued it.

I actually feel really bad that I didn’t review this sooner, as this product was pretty revolutionary for me. Up until the point that I tried this, I had a pretty so-so relationship with night cream. I had tried loads, and there were some that woke me up with nice skin, some that didn’t, but none that really gave me the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for. I did find this wow factor by using Bio Oil as a night cream, incidentally, but that’s different; Bio Oil is a super strength, regenerating skin oil, and I was just USING it as a night cream. An actual, fully fledged night cream that actually amazed me was proving frustratingly elusive.

I got a teeny mini tube of this free with a magazine, and I instantly stuck it in my handbag and forgot about it. Fast forward a few months; I was at my boyfriends, and my night cream had run out. I remembered this was in my handbag, slung it on, and went to bed. Didn’t really think much of it, to be honest. It smells ordinary, feels ordinary. Goes on nicely and all that jazz, but nothing stood out.

Then I woke up.

My friends, I woke up into a world of REN.


My skin was soooo soft. And not only that, but it actually felt firmer, plumped up. I was amazed; I’ve always read about creams promising to firm and plump your skin, but I write that off as sales blurb. I never expected it to be something you could actually feel on your face, let alone overnight. But the proof was undeniable. I couldn’t stop stroking my face, marvelling at the difference the cream had made. Not only that, but when I headed into the bathroom, I was actually taken aback at how smooth and vibrant my skin looked. It was incredible!

As soon as I got into work that morning, (stroking my face in the car on the way), I went straight online and headed for the REN website to find this cream. It was a lot more than I would usually spend- £32- but I didn’t even hesitate. I put it straight in my basket and headed for the checkout. No questions asked.

That was a long time ago, and I’ve since purchased my second tube. I love this stuff. True love. It’s the only night cream that has ever given me such noticeable results, and it continues to do so after all this time. I now alternate between using this and Bio Oil, and my skin is the best It’s ever been.

This, combined with the Simple day cream I reviewed a little while back, means that I have finally achieved a goal I’ve had since my early teens; finding a reliable, amazing day/night cream set that ACTUALLY works. This does. The two of them combined have my skin in tip top condition, and I now don’t even glance at the other face creams. I don’t need to; I’ve found my destiny!

You can get hold of this cream here, and I really would recommend it. If, like me, you’ve never really found a cream that made you wake up with noticeably improved skin, then this is the stuff for you. If you can, try and find a mini tube and try it first, like I did; I’m betting you won’t be disappointed 😉

Simple SPF30 Protecting Moisture Cream

You guys, I am SO excited about the product I’m talking about today.

As regular readers will know, I have a minor obsession with suncream. Being very pale and freckled, this is down to necessity, but I am also rather passionate about getting other people to use suncream, even if they think they don’t need it. A tan is just as dangerous a cause of skin cancer as burning is!

Whilst I’m not asking everyone to be as militant about applying suncream as I am, I do think that people should be using an spf face cream, daily, as a standard. Not only does it protect you from the obvious dangers, but it also protects your skin from ageing, and as a result an SPF day cream is really something everyone should have in their armoury all year round.

I’ve reviewed a couple before, specifically the super strength SPF50 SunSense one (great for summer and holidays) and the delicately scented Soap and Glory SPF25 one (which I was greatly enamoured with for a while, but over time became less of a fan of the slightly sticky texture on my oily skin.) In both cases, I wasn’t happy with the shiny, dewy finish, and in the case of the Soap and Glory, I was very aware that I hadn’t quite reached the recommended SPF30 minimum.

After the incredibly bright summer we had this year, I was even more determined to find an SPF30 face cream which ticked all the boxes for me, which, as a reminder, are the following;

–          Have a light texture

–          Absorb super-fast

–          Have a high SPF

–          Make my skin soft

With a fresh surge of determination, I got onto Google, ready to hunker down and find an amazing face cream, no matter how long it took.

It took me less than a minute.


I am utterly clueless as to how I didn’t spot this before. Maybe it’s new?! I hope so, because if not I feel like a total fool for not seeing it. Simple is one of those classic, go-to brands, that for some reason I’ve never actually used! I came across this cream pretty fast, though, and I was amazed as I read the description; it seemed to have everything I was looking for.

From the description on the back…

“For protected and radiant looking skin…

Our Protecting Moisture Cream SPF30 is a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and skin-loving ingredients with SPF protection to give dehydrated, tired and dull skin a boost of hydration while protecting it from UVA & UVB rays. The light texture absorbs quickly into your skin to rapidly replenish moisture levels for up to 24 hours. Perfect even for sensitive skin.

Simple goodness…

  • · 2 Vitamins
    • Vitamin B3
    • Vitamin E
  • · 2 Skin Loving Ingredients
    • Glycerin
    • Sweet Almond Oil
  • · No Artificial Perfume or Colour and No Harsh Chemicals”

I was pretty darn excited from the description; the words ‘light texture’ and ‘quickly absorbed’, 2 items on my wishlist, are literally written right there on the bottle. The references to ‘a boost of hydration’ and ‘replenished moisture levels’ seemed to tick the ‘making skin soft’ box, and not only was the SPF the recommended 30, but it contains both UVA (for skin cancer protection) and UVB (for wrinkle protection)! Perfection itself! And not only that, but as it was on sale for about £3.50, insanely cheap, and ¼ of the price of my previous Soap and Glory!

I will admit to being slightly worried when I first pressed the dispenser; the cream was bright, bright white, just like all the super sticky suncreams I’ve ever used, and seemed incredibly thick. It also dispensed a large amount in one pump, as you can see below.


But I shouldn’t have been worried. I can’t deny this feels thick when you smear it on, but it literally sinks into your skin in under 30 seconds. LITERALLY. You go from having white smears all over your face to matte perfect skin in less than half a minute; it’s really rather miraculous. That’s another thing I adore; the matte finish. All my other suncreams have left me with a dewy, slightly sticky finish; not so this one. Matte skin perfection, which for someone with my oily skin is pretty darn impressive. It’s ready to have makeup on top in about a minute, but if you leave it plain your face will feel so soft that you won’t be able to stop touching it.

Not only that, but it genuinely is kind to skin. I’ve been using it for about a month, every day, and in the last week I’ve stopped wearing makeup. Completely. I am totally bare faced as I write this, and I couldn’t be happier. Here I am, right this second, naked faced and proud!


My skin genuinely looks the best it ever has, and I even thing my biggest bugbear- my pink cheeks- is actually improving. God knows how, but I have found a high SPF day cream that actually IMPROVES your skin. Before this, I had always believed that only a good night cream was worth investing in, as day cream couldn’t put iteslf to work in the same way, but Simple have proved me wrong. A.mazing.

So, to sum up, it’s perfect and fabulous and wonderful. It not only makes a wonderful base for your makeup (if you need it after how fab it makes your skin!) but it also ensures that your neck, chest, arms and hands are all receiving sun protection every day. It makes your skin amazing, and everyone should buy it right now. The end. No arguments. DO IT.

New Years Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

I absolutely LOVE New Year. Not the night itself, obviously- that tends to be pretty unremarkable. I just mean the concept in general. I love the idea of starting afresh, and even though it’s technically just an arbitrary day, it makes me feel like anything is possible. I always set myself a resolution, and I’ve never given it up- for the entirety of 2012 I gave up Chocolate, and I managed it just fine! With that in mind, I have decided to set myself a much larger, and infinitely more life changing set of resolutions this year.

snacking1) Give up Chocolate, Sweets, Cakes, Crisps, Ice Cream and Biscuits.

Basically, all the delicious things that are clearly bad for me. I’ve needed to lose weight for a while, and though I’ve had varying success here and there, I’m determined this year I’m going to do it. So I’m giving all that up, and as a result will be treating myself with yogurt and fruit this year. Mmm…

running-feet 2) Exercise Every Day

This one was originally ‘run every day’, but being realistic I don’t think this is possible. I went out for a run yesterday, the first day of the month, and even though it went amazingly (more on that below; see point 7!) my hips are in agony this morning, to the point I can barely move. I’m assuming that the excess weight I’m carrying, added to my total lack of running expertise, has resulted in the pain, but I really can’t see myself being able to run today. Instead, I’m going to hit the gym later and go on the stationary bike, then lift some weights. I’m hoping that will give my hips enough of a rest that I’ll be good to run tomorrow. But yes, that’s the goal; even if it’s only a 20 minute weight lifting session, some form of exercise every day. I’m determined to do it!

4429422_267894_flossing 3) Floss Every Day

I’m so-so with my flossing, but this year I’m determined to step it up. I’ll be using my water-jet flosser every morning, and then proper dental floss every night. In the past, whenever I’ve become militant with my flossing regime it’s resulted in my teeth looking whiter almost immediately, so I’m excited to see the results!

Those are the big 3, the ones I absolutely must do, every single day, without fail. Now onto my ‘semi resolutions’, the ones I’m going to make an effort with but allow myself some slips.

ghd-jewel-amethyst-set4) No Heat Treating my Hair

The condition of my hair has been getting worse and worse, dry with horrible split ends. I always wrote this off as just my hair type, and yet I was blow-drying and straightening constantly without using heat spray. You could call this willfull ignorance, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I had never really found a shampoo/conditioner that made any difference to my hair, no matter how much I spent, so I figured it was beyond help. Anywho, last year I stumbled upon a (discontinued) conditioner that made my hair INCREDIBLE, and it made me realise the potential it had. As  result, this year I’m totally focused on letting it heal up. I’m going to grow it out, use hair masks at least once a week, and most importantly NOT heat treat it. This is going to be pretty tricky, as my hair is that annoying wavy type which either needs curling, straightening or blow drying to make it look nice, but fortunately I stumbled upon a hair wrapping technique that makes it dry naturally, but still straight. As a result, I’m going to endeavour to leave the heat stylers alone this year, unless it’s a dire, utter emergency. Hopefully this will result in my hair ending up like Andrex toilet paper; soft, strong and long!

nails 5) Grow my Nails

Last year I managed to get my nails looking pretty fabulous- that’s a picture of them on the left! Long and gorgeous, and not the norm for me! But then, over about 2 weeks they all broke off. Devastating. Anyway, this year I’m going to attempt to recreate that, and make my nails super long again! I’m keeping hand and nail cream on my desk, and am gonna paint growth polish on every day, if I can.

fresh-fruit-and-vegetables6) Eat Good Food

This ties in with my diet plan, but also point 7 below. I’m going to attempt to have great food every day- live yogurt, fish, vegetables, lean meats etc; all the things my body needs for ultimate nutrition. I recently watched the documentary ‘Food Matters’, and I really recommend it; even though it should be obvious, it really opened my eyes so much to how important good nutrition is, and the difference it can make. As a result, I’m going to try and eat healthy, clean food as much as I can. I’ll allow myself time off for birthdays, restaurant trips etc, but even then I’m doing to be good, if I can. For example, every Tuesday me and the boyf have a ‘date night’, where we go to a restaurant and then to the cinema. From now on, we’re going to have dinner in Wetherspoons, as Tuesday is steak night, and I’ll be trading steak and chips for steak and salad. Carb free, cavewoman food ftw! As a result, I’m hoping to see not only a change in my weight, but also the signs of a body being fed the right foods!

circular-massage-skin-care7) Stick to a Skincare Regime

My skin has started looking iffy over the last few months, mainly due to some random binge eating of bad foods. It’s been lifeless, oily and with sporadic outbreaks, to the point where I was no longer brave enough to go makeup free, something I would usually do a few times a week. I’m hoping the change in diet detailed above will make a difference here, but I’m also planning to step up my skincare. I jump around through lots of different products, and use them on and off, but in the last year I’ve managed to find a few I really love. As a result, I’ve resolved to settle into a proper routine, which I’ll detail in a future post! Basically, though, I’ll be cleansing morning and night, using day and night cream and eye cream as well as a spot clearing toner. I’ve been doing this for a few days, and I’m already seeing results! Win!

IMG_8401 8) Eat Superfoods/Supplements

This is directly related to the documentary I watched, and one speaker in particular; David Wolfe. His enthusiasm about superfoods was catching, and I’ve always been a little obsessed with superfoods anyway, just not been consistent with it. On his say, I’ve bought up a few, and I’m going to attempt to have them every day. I’ll detail these more in another post, but I’m already seeing results; a ‘green drink’ (pictured to the left) made of a mix of superfood powders was all I had to eat before my run yesterday, and I cannot tell you the difference it made. I’ve been building up to my new year runs with a  few practice ones over the last few months, and even when I had been running regularly, the best I managed was to run the 25 minute time with one 3 minute walking break. Yesterday, however, after not running for 3 weeks and all the Christmas indulgence, I managed to run the whole 25 minutes without stopping. I cannot TELL you how pleased I was. I’m really not a runner (and I should clarify, my running is a steady jog, not proper running), and I’ve always struggled with it, and yet this super juice powdered me though without stopping. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever run that long without a break, and it’s really spurred me on, both with the running and the superfoods. Supplements ftw!

save-money19) Save Money

I make a good wage, but I’m a terrible shopaholic, and as a result I spend it as fast as I get it. This year, however, I’m being realistic about the fact that, with my late twenties approaching, I’ll need to start saving for a house. As a result, I’m resolving to save £1,000 every single month. I’ve already set up a direct debit to take £250 every Friday, and I’ll be cutting back drastically on spending on myself, leaving the remainder for bills, food and other necessities, with the occasional treat. It’ll be tough, but necessary, and I’m really, really gonna try. My future literally depends on it!

dynamiclash_banner_nyheter_eng10) Use Growth Mascara

I actually have pretty long lashes already, but I’ve managed to stash up 3 different growth mascaras, simply because I don’t like the finish- they’re all a bit clumpy for my taste. This year, though, I’ve decided to burn through them, so I’ll be reaching for growth mascara only until they are all used up, with the side effect that my lashes should get even longer!

photography-love (1)11) Take a Picture Every Day

I suppose this would count as a proper resolution, as if I don’t do it everyday it’s kinda pointless, but it’s not as important to me as the others, so I’m ousting it. Basically, I’m gonna try and take a snapshot every day, a memento of my year! Here’s January 1st- my boyfriend having a nap with my kitten!




12) Drink 3 Litres of Water a Day.

I already drink 2 most days, so 3 will be a challenge, but for the sake of my skin, and my diet, I’m gonna give it a shot!



Phew! Quite a list! I’m pretty sure I can do it, though; I’m always best cold turkey, and the New Year gives me an incredible amount of energy to make good changes. I’ll keep my progress reports coming on here, and in the meantime let me know your resolutions; I’d love to hear them! x


Pictures sourced online unless stated otherwise

Magazine Freebies Roundup: December 2013

It’s the season of generosity and giving! Unless you’re a magazine, that is, in which case it’s the season to be as stingy as hell. Yes, I’m afraid I’ve got a rather rubbish freebie post for you today. There is only one magazine giving away a freebie; Red, and not only that but you can only get it in Sainsburys! Wtf guys?!


It’s the Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash balm, and I didn’t buy it because I have it already. It’s pretty nice though, so if you’re hankering for a freebie head on over to Sainsbury’s and pick it up. And that’s it! How rubbish is that!? If you’re still desperate for a freebie, nip on over to my December shop freebies post, which is here!

Boots Advent Calendar Day 6




Day 6: Vichy Idealia Life Serum

I couldn’t’ belive it when I got this, as I only just got this in my Glossy Box! Talk about annoying! I actually used it this time, though, which I didn’t manage before. It’s a light, creamy serum, with lush shimmery light reflecting particles, as you can see below.


Feels like a pretty regular serum to me, but we’ll see!

Una Brennan Skin Renew Cleansing Oil vs Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Purifying Cleansing Oil

This Budget Vs Blowout came about completely by accident. I’d been using the Laura Mercier oil for a while, around 6 months, and as with most people who start oil cleansing it had totally changed my skincare routine forever; so much so that I couldn’t bear not having oil cleanser for the nights when I stayed over at my boyfriend’s house. As a result, I started fishing around for a cheaper alternative to take with me, and since it was a third off I landed on the Una Brennan. Read on to hear my thoughts…


As I said, I’d been using this for ages, and it really is revolutionary. It’s light as air and really easy to use; it dissolves your makeup super fast and leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy. I was a total and utter convert, and if you’d asked me about oil cleansing a month ago I’d have sent you after this, no questions asked. Then I picked up the Una Brennan…


The first thing to say is that the Laura Mercier has a nicer texture. It’s incredibly light, whereas the Una Brennan feels pretty much like regular oil. The Laura Mercier also washes off a lot easier; it melts on contact with water and washes almost completely away, whereas the thicker Una oil needs a few more splashes. Both of them need to be followed up with a soap cleanser, though, so that’s a pretty moot point. The other thing the Laura Mercier does better is the distribution; it comes with a pump, whereas the Una Brennan you just have to pour onto your hand, which is incredibly annoying.  Despite all these things, though, I gotta say….

I LOVE the Una Brennan Oil. It is seriously lush. A big part of that is the scent; it smells like tangerine Jelly, and I really look forward to slathering it all over my face. I also think that the vitamin C content has made a huge difference; my skin is much brighter and fresher! I also think it makes my skin softer. Basically, I adore it.

I was so surprised by how much better I thought it was, as I was expecting the Una Brennan to be a cheap fix for when I wasn’t at home. It’s not the case, however, and once I’ve used up the Laura Mercier I’ll switch to the Una Brennan full time. I’ll probably decant it into a pump bottle, as I find pouring it really annoying, but other than that its incredible how great it is. Especially when you consider the price difference; I paid an eye watering £32 for the Laura Mercier, and though I got it at a third off, the Una Brennan is usually £11, making it two thirds cheaper. Amazing.

If you’ve not tried oil cleansing yet, you really have to give it a go, and even if you have I urge you to consider switching to this one. It cleanses just as well as the expensive one, and as a cleansing experience it’s so much more pleasurable. I’m a convert for life!!!

Soap & Glory Night in Shining Armour Night Cream

Yesterday I went to use this and realised I’d hit the bottom of the jar. I was astonished, because I hadn’t thought I’d had it that long, but it turns out it’s been nearly a year! Yikes!!
I first bought this cream after I used up my Wish Upon a Jar. I thought that cream was lush, and I decided to go to Soap and Glory for another simply because I was trying to replicate it, and Wish Upon a Jar isn’t meant to be used continuously. As a result, I landed on this one.


I chose this because reviews lead me to think it was the most similar, and I wasn’t disappointed. Just like WUAJ, it has a lovely, thick texture, and sinks wonderfully into your skin. It’s not greasy, settles in fast and smells wonderful, and my skin is always nice and soft when I wake up. I don’t think it’s got quite the same epic properties as WUAJ, but I’ve been using it continuously as my night cream for quite a while, and I’m usually pretty fickle about these things.

It definitely leaves your skin looking lovely and fresh, but I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll repurchase. If I’m honest, I don’t think it’s got the wow factor I’m looking for. I’ve got loads of mini samples to try, so I’ll probably spend a month or so slogging through those in case I come up with a winner, but if I don’t I will come back to this one. So a solid, decent night cream, then, but not a life changer!!

Boots Advent Calendar Day 1 & 2

Everyone has been trying to get their hands on the Boots advent calendar this year, and I’m super excited to say I managed to get one!

It wasn’t easy but I’m really glad I managed it, and I’m going to attempt to upload what I get every day! So without much further ado, here’s day one!
Day 1: Soap and Glory Clean, Girls body Wash
I love Soap and Glory’s Clean on Me, and while this one isn’t as nice it still has that lovely S&G smell. Mini shower gels are always handy, too!
Day 2: Balmi Raspberry Lipbalm
I’ve bought Balmi before and loved it, so this was a total win: also nice that it was a flavour I hadn’t tried! Hurray!
I’m really loving this whole ‘non chocolate’ advent calendar thing, and I can’t wait to see what I get next! Xx