Magazine Freebies Roundup: April 2015

Spring has sprung!!!! Finally!! I am sooo excited about this summer, I have some really exciting stuff coming up, loads to look forward to; and then of course, there’s the sun!!!

Another bonus of a new month is the new magazines coming out, but I’m sad to say there’s only one freebie this month, courtesy of Cosmopolitan.


Nooo idea who the girl on the cover is, but the freebie is a nail polish, from the New Kid range; one I’ve heard of, but I’m not overly familiar with. you could choose from four colours; red, maroon, Barbie pink and beige/nude.


Naturally, I went for the nude! I actually really like the look of this shade; it’s very light and almost buttery, and reminds me of tan leather.


I’m happy to have a new nail polish for my collection, but I can’t help but feel sad about the lack of freebies this month. Perhaps they are saving them for summer? Fingers crossed!

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