My Favourite Blogs

As a general rule, bloggers start out because they enjoy reading other blogs, and I am no exception. Below is a list of my favourite blogs that I check on a daily basis!

A Beauty Junkie In London

My favourite blog, in which the lovely Jen puts forward her opinion, good or bad, in a straightforward and articulate manner.

 Do Not Refreeze

A great blog by a girl called Leanne who has amazing long nails!

Katie’s Beauty Blog

Katie is gorgeous, and one of the first bloggers I came across and loved.

Lip So Facto

A wonderful blog in which the hyper-literate Meg waxes lyrical on all things fabulous!

Pink and Polished

Kristine does the most amazing nail art ever. Seriously. Mind Blowing stuff.

Pack A Punch Polish

If I’m interested in a new polish, I always go check out if Sam has swatched it first. Her nail photo’s are second to none.


The beautiful Natalie reccomended me the best facemask I ever tried

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