Magazine Freebies; May 2015

It’s that time again! The sun comes out and with it brings a whole bunch of magazine freebies. Strangely, though, I haven’t bought any of them. I think this may be the first time that there has been multiple freebies and I haven’t indulged in even one! This may yet change, but for the moment, let’s just move onto the list. I would normally start with the one I’ve bought, so let’s just start with the one I’m most likely to buy.


In Style

Clinique smart custom repair serum

I am soooo tempted by this. So very tempted. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this serum, and I’m totally getting into serums at the moment. This may be a match made in heaven. The only thing putting me off is the magazine; I’ve never been a huge fan. This feels silly, however, as I would totally buy the serum for £4. I would through to recommend you buy this; it’s a bargain and apparently awesome. I’m going on a plane next week, so I can totally see myself buying this at Heathrow. Watch this space….


Percy and Reed

Hair Volumiser No-Oil Oil.

My hair is pretty big already, but it’s also quite fine. As a result, I do have an interest in volumisers, and I’m intrigued by the ‘no oil’ concept here. Again, the only thing putting me off is the magazine. That, plus I’ve never been blown away by the brand. I imagine this one will pass me by.


Marie Claire

Neal’s Yard Mint and Bergamot hand cream.

I actually don’t mind Marie Claire, and if this was the Clinique I would already Have bought it. I really don’t need anther handcream though: I already have about 7. I also don’t think much of Neals Yard creams, I tend to find them a bit watery.

So there we have it; the best of May offerings. If you indulge let me know!

Glossy Box; November 2013

Time for the November Glossy box review, and I’m glad to say I was pretty pleased with this month’s box. (Well, at least until I read other people’s reviews. I could have got an eyeshadow brush!!! Still, onwards and upwards….)


Despite the fact that some people seemed to get nice stuff than I did, I thought I had a nice selection. I’ll start, as ever, with the least interesting.


Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads

As nice of an extra as these are, I’m full on obsessed with the nail polish remover pots now, and as a result I really doubt I’ll use these! Sorry!


Vichy Face Cream and Serum

I was totally won over by the little organza bag, so even though you only get a teeny amount of product I’m still excited to try it. I’ve used Vichy before and liked it, so I’m hopeful!

Now let’s move onto the slightly more exciting things, starting with my lovely new lipstick.


Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick shade 148 ‘Sundown’.

I always hold my breath when I open a new lippie, just in case I get a hideous shade, and initially when I saw that this was orange I wasn’t overly impressed. Fortunately though it went on very nicely, and I actually ended up liking it!


It had a light, shimmery consistency, and I definitely wouldn’t call it long lasting, but it was very velvety and I liked the fact that you could build it up for a darker shade. A surprising win!


Yves Rocher Cacao & Orange Handcream.

I’ll admit I wrinkled my nose a little when I saw this. Can Yves Rocher really be counted as high end? Is a £2 handcream really worthy of inclusion? But then I smelt it, and all was forgiven. It is truly lush, just like Chocolate Oranges, and I’m relying on it to stave of chocolate cravings in the new year! Makes your hands soft, too. Obv.


Emite Mineral Eyeshadow.

As excited as I was by the sight of a black eye shadow, I was a little perturbed that the lid was cracked, as you can see above. Still, the eye shadow itself was nice, very heavily pigmented, and matte, which is a nice change for me.


As you can see, it’s got some great coverage, and a very chalky texture, but as impressed as I was at the time I ended up LOVING it. by chance I decided to use it in place of an eyeliner, and it was so winning. It brushed on beuatifully with my Real Techniques eye brush, and made my lower lashes especially look smoky and dark. Lovely!

So a general win from me this month, although I am starting to get annoyed with some of the things Glossy gives us. I haven’t reviewed the last two boxes as I was irritated by the perfume samples and cheap brands, and if that continues I think I’ll stop investing. For now, though, I’m happy enough.

Magazine Freebies Roundup: November 2012

Like any good fashion and beauty lover I buy pretty much every magazine going. I tend to download them onto my iPad, as it’s more convenient for creating my ‘lust list’- screen shots are much easier to manage than torn out scraps of paper! Despite this, I can never resist a freebie, and as a result I only download the newest issue once I’ve checked in store if there’s a free gift with the paper copy.  By that ruling, this month looks set to be quiet on the iPad front as pretty much every magazine out there is offering a freebie! Here’s my stash of everything you can land this month:

Lots of gorgeous beauty goodness! My personal favourite is probably the hand cream that came with this month’s Marie Claire, which had the added bonus of Taylor Swift being on the cover (LOVE her). The cream is a perfectly handbag sized 30ml tube from L’Occitane and you can choose from one of three scents. Being a fruity floral girl at heart I went for Mango flower, and I just adore it; it’s fresh and sweet, pretty similar to The Body Shop’s mango body butter, and makes your hands soooo soft. I used to use a Soap and Glory hand cream, but I think I might have been converted!

Cosmopolitan were offering a missguided lipgloss in one of three shades; a dark purple, light pink or a nude cream colour. I went with the pink and didn’t get on with it at all- the packaging felt cheap and the gloss was really sticky, with no discernible shade at all. Maybe I’m biased as I’m not a big fan of gloss, but this is just not my product.  (You also get a free tube of Oral B’s new 3D white toothpaste, if anyone’s interested! I’m intrigued to see if it works, and as a result am happier with it than the lipgloss!)

In Style had arguably the best gift- a 4ml trial size of one of three of Benefit’s most popular highlighters and stains. You can choose from Cha Cha Tint, a bright mango orange lip and cheek stain, Sun Beam, a pale gold highlighter, or the classic Bene Tint dark red/pink cheek and lip stain. I have Bene Tint already (don’t we all!) and I’m far too fair to pull of mango orange, so I landed on Sun Beam, a gorgeous, light gold highlighter. I’m a recent convert into bronzing and trying to ease myself in, so this very pale, subtle highlighter is perfect and I’m really psyched to give it a proper try.

So that’s this month’s freebie round up! A choice of three in each case, let me know which combinations you choose!