Covergirl Lash Blast Length Mascara Review

This week I am going on a trip that I’ve been waiting for and planning for months; I’m going to New York.

I CANNOT tell you how excited I am.

I’ve wanted to go to America my whole life, and New York in particular. Anytime that friends go I pester them for information, every last detail. I want to know every tiny thing. And I’m just as interested in the big stuff as the little stuff; to me, going up the Empire State Building is just as exciting as buying a coffee from a real American starbucks and drinking it while reading the New York Times. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

So I’m going, finally. Next week, for 10 whole days. I’ve planned in meticulous detail where to go, what to see, and what we’re doing to be doing on each day, even at what time. I’m a bit of an overplanner, if I’m honest; I’ve got the whole holiday on a schedule. This may conflict with my boyfriend’s Laissez-faire attitude to holidays, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Potentially whilst crossing THIS bridge!

Potentially whilst crossing THIS bridge!

Anyway, in the midst of all my planning, there’s one thing that totally didn’t occur to me, and weirdly enough that was the beauty products.

I don’t know how this is possible! A whole untapped group of beauty that I’ve never been able to see, and it never even crossed my mind. Until last week, that is, when I was in TK Maxx and spotted this.


This is a covergirl mascara, a US brand, and one I’ve heard loads about; Taylor Swift is one of their spokespeople, which is enough reason to get excited.

Buy Covergirl and you too can look like this!!

Buy Covergirl and you too can look like this!!

I spotted it and got very excited at the prospect of trying out an American cosmetic brand. Only then did it occur to me that I was GOING to America in just a few weeks. Suddenly images of Sephora were dancing in front of my eyes; I nearly had a mini breakdown in the middle of the shop.

Once I managed to calm myself down I spirited the mascara home with me and unwrapped it straight away. I was a huge fan of the way that they package it with a separate lid so that you can see the brush; why don’t we do that here?

Anyway, I took the mascara out, and that’s when I first noticed it; how much this mascara looks like another of my favourites, Max Factor Lash Extension effect.



max factor

They both have the same conical tube, and the same slim, rubber bristled brush.


I tried the mascara out and that sealed the deal for me; they were identical. Same subtle lifting and lengthening effect without clumping; the only difference was that the covergirl is waterproof.

You may also notice I sorted my eyebrows out in between pictures. Lily Collins I am not.

You may also notice I sorted my eyebrows out in between pictures. Lily Collins I am not.

I will admit to being a tad let down. I was so excited about buying an American brand, and then it turned out to be a total dupe of my most regularly used mascara. A quick google confirmed it; Max Factor bought the brand, and evidently there are multiple dupes. I’ll make sure to take a few snaps of any I spot in Wallgreens!

So there’s not really a lot to say. I’m reviewing something I’ve reviewed before, multiple times. I still love it. Let’s just hope that the US of A holds a few more exciting products for me! To be continued…

2013 Christmas Freebies: The Definitive Guide

It’s that time again! I always look forward to seeing what stuff the makeup brands are giving away at Christmas, and I’ve gathered it all here for your viewing pleasure. So without much further ado…


 Brand: L’Oreal Paris

Gift: Volume Million Lashes Glitter Topcoat, Red Lipstick, Red Nail Polish

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £15 on L’Oreal Cosmetics

Notes: The Mascara looks great fun, and volume million is an amazing line, but note that this is a clear glitter topcoat and is NOT black. The Red lipstick/nail polish is less exciting, pretty generic.


Brand: Max Factor

Gift: False Lash Effect Mascara, Lipfinity, Blue Nail Polish

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £15 on Max Factor Cosmetics

Notes: The mascara is a classic, and the lipfinity is a pretty pale pink, a great all round shade, but the blue polish is pretty gross.



Brand: Seventeen

Gift: Eyebrow Palette

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £8 on Seventeen Cosmetics

Notes: I had to fight not to buy this, as I already have 3 eyebrow palttes, but I’ll probably end up with it anyway. A fab little kit, including a pencil and a highlighter, and you only need to spend £8!


Brand: Models Own

Gift: Glitter Kit containing Pink Nail Polish, Gold and Silver Glitter Pots and a Nail Buffer.

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you buy any 2 Models Own products

Notes: The glitter and buffer combo is nice, but I didn’t fancy the bright pink polish; who mixes glitter with pink!? A decent gift though.


Brand: No7

Gift: Extreme Length Extend mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow, felt tip liner.

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £15 on No7 Cosmetics

Notes: A solid gift as always from No7. Nice beige/neutrals for the shadow and lipgloss, but it really seems worth it just for the felt tip eyeliner!


Brand: Maybelline

Gift: Baby Lips special edition; Cherry Velvet

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on Maybelline Cosmetics

Notes: Pretty stingy if you ask me, but a limited edition of a popular product will probably turn heads. Only really worth it if you’re already investing in 3 Maybelline products.


Brand: Rimmel London

Gift: Red Lasting Finish Nail Polis

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on Rimmel Cosmetics

Notes: Another cheapskate one; one nail polish? Really? And it’s red, which everyone has. No fun.



Brand: Revlon

Gift: Black and Silver glitter special edition Nail Polish

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on Revlon Cosmetics

Notes: Revlon always do one polish giveaways, so I’m never too tempted, but this one was rather nice. The black/silver chunky glitter looks cool.



Brand: Revlon

Gift: Silver Holographic glitter special edition Nail Polish

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on Revlon Cosmetics

Notes: A very dull affair. If you are buying Revlon, head to Superdrug for their freebie instead.


Brand: Bourjois

Brand: Bourjois

Gift: Gold Leaf effect limited edition nail polish

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on Bourjois Cosmetics

Notes: Sooo pretty, but pales in comparison to the Boots Bourjois gift. So skip this pretty polish and read on…


Brand: Bourjois

Gift: Iconic Glam gift set containing red lipgloss, red nail polish, eyeshadow trio and mascara.

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £15 on Bourjois Cosmetics

Notes: A total and utter win. Standard red nail polish, but also comes with a lipgloss, a black/grey/silver eyeshadow trio and a fab mascara; four full size products! Talk about a bargain! Run, don’t walk!


Brand: Collection

Gift: Glam Crystals Eyeliner

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £5 on Collection Cosmetics

Notes: I have one of these, and though it’s pretty I’ve never used it. Nice enough, but Boots have the better offer on this brand.


Brand: Collection

Gift: Supersize Mascara

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £5 on Collection Cosmetics

Notes: Not tried it, but a free mascara is always great, and you only have to spend a fiver. Worth the punt I’d say!


Brand: Barry M

Gift: Gold/Bronze glitter shard or Holographic Pink Limited edition Nail Polish

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £6 on Barry M Makeup

Notes: Barry M special editions are always hard to resist, but I’m trying to stop buying glitter. Both lovely, but check out the Boots shades below before you make a decision.


Brand: Barry M

Gift: Red/Green/Purple glitter shard or Holographic Silver Limited edition Nail Polish

Shop: Boots

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £6 on Barry M Makeup

Notes:I think the red/purple/green is my fave; gorgeous! And only a £6 spend, defo worth it.


Brand: Miss Sporty

Gift: Nail Polish (assorted)

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you spend over £3 on Miss Sporty Makeup

Notes: Tons of nail polishes to choose from and only a £3 spend. Do it; buy Dr Balm, you can’t lose!


Brand: B

Gift: Skincare/Makeup Giftbox

Shop: Superdrug

Terms and Conditions: Free when you get 3 for 2 on B products

Notes: I have less than nothing to say here. I included it, but I’ve never tried their stuff, nor am I sure what’s even in the box. Ho hum….


I’ll put up some reviews of what I actually bought soon enough, but in the meantime, that’s it! Let me know if I’ve missed any, and enjoy your freebies! xx

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

2000 calories is the kind of label that would normally leave me running scared. I’m also a huge fan of gimmicks, however, and as such just the name was enough to sucker me into this mascara. I just love the idea that my lashes will end up massively fat and obese. Indulge yourselves, guys!!


I love Max Factor Mascara in general, so it’s a bit of a shock that I’d never tried this one in particular. I hadn’t, though, and a recent repackage convinced me to take the plunge (shallow, easily pleased, swayed by packaging etc). I’m guessing the interior contents are the same, though, including the brush, which lives up to its name by being rather chunky.


It’s your classic brush with bristles instead of the more common ‘rubber’ brush, but it’s a lot chunkier than most of the anaemic looking ones that seem to still be out there. The bristles are also really tightly packed and close together, giving the impression that they would really load up the lashes. Always good! Like I said, I was carried away on the notion that my lashes would end up looking morbidly obese, and whilst they weren’t amazingly fat they did look pretty darn volumised.


I liked the fact that you could layer this mascara up, too- it was great for adding extra thickness to the outer lashes, and it didn’t clump like some can when you add more than one layer.


It didn’t really have the level of ‘drama’ I would have expected from a mascara with such a promising name, but for a day mascara it’s definitely more volumising than most. It’s not made the top of my favourite lists, but I don’t regret buying it. A happy medium from me I’ll say, but it’s not a patch on Volume Million or False Lash Effect– love those guys!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Plus Free Christmas Gift!

Today’s Christmas freebie gift comes courtesy of Max Factor, and it’s undoubtedly the most gorgeous of all.


I was drawn to the sparkly gold box with the bow like a moth to a flame- I didn’t even care what was in it, it was mine. Sucker for packaging! Fortunately I didn’t have to think too hard on what I wanted, since I had already run out of one of my staple Max Factor mascara’s- False Lash Effect.


I’ve used this mascara ever since it was first released- this is about my 5th tube, and it’s an absolute staple of my evening look. I think part of the magic is the fat, chunky, rubber brush- surely one of the best mascara brushes out there.


A lot of big brushes have long bristles and slender cores, which I think can lead to clumping. This one avoids that by having short bristles but a very chunky core, making it easier to coat and layer your lashes and make them extra volumous.


This is only one coat- in the evening I really build it up to 2 or 3, and it never clumps or spiders. Absolutely love this mascara! It really does make them as fat and chunky as any mascara I’ve tried, and this one has a pretty gold tube! Don’t think the contents are any different to the black tube, but when the contents are this awesome who cares! A win, as ever, from the Max Factor mascara range.

The mascara was £10.99, and I needed to spend £14.99 to get my freebie. I eventually landed on a lipstick from the Xperience range, called Sheer Gloss Balm.


I’m enjoying all the lipstick/balm hybrids, and I’m always fond of pale, neutral nudes for lips, so this looked like a winner, and only £6.99. The texture was gorgeous, very light and soft, and I adored the colour. I actually like this more than the Revlon Lip butters!


IMG_3218So I was super pleased with both my purchases- now for my freebie. The beautiful box contained 4 products, 3 of which were full size. I’ll start with the varnish, a sparkly champagne colour from the Glossfinity mini range. As ever, the second picture is blurry to best capture the true shade.

DSCN0403DSCN0406It’s a very pretty pale gold, very Christmassy and shimmery. The colour is solid in bottle but quite pale on the nails, so I think it would best as a topcoat for a dark shade. Maybe over a mulled wine red? It is buildable, but it takes time: this is 2 coats.


If you kept going you would get a lovely, champagne gold, but I do think it would work best as a top coat- it would sparklify a French mani wonderfully! It’s a nice shade, but a bit subtle for me.


Next up is an eye shadow from their Earth Spirits range. I’ve never tried one of these before, but the shade is lovely- a warm, chocolate brown.


I’m obsessed with brown shadow, and I love that this is slightly matte. I can see it looking lovely along the rim of the eye with a matte cream over the lid. Another brown for my collection! Fabulous!


IMG_3072The next item is the mini- a small bottle of Masterpiece Max mascara. This mascara has been around forever, and it’s an undying classic. I have the full size, but I’ll never turn down a mini for handbag reasons!


As far as I can recall, masterpiece were the first mascara’s to have a rubber brush. I remember being blown away at the time, and though they are old hat now they still do it best.


This really is a great multi functional mascara- it’s light enough for day but can be built up for the evening, all whilst adding length and volume without clumping. Perfection!


My favourite item in this box was the lipstick. I’m always a sucker for a good lippie, and this was was extra gorgeous. It’s a warm, berry pink with undertones of sparkling gold.


I wasn’t sure about this in the stick, but on the lips its STUNNING. The pink is perfect, and the gold caches the light wonderfully.


I’m just nuts about this lipstick, I think it’s my favourite one in the box. It’s perfect for a date or a dinner party, although to be honest I’ll probably end up wearing it to the office all Christmas! The texture is gorgeous too, very smooth but not too glossy or sticky. Perfect.


I’m in love with my Max Factor gift set, and I’ll definitely be keeping the box. Once again it’s a freebie in which I like everything, which seems to be the theme this year- all the gifts are fabulous!  It’s available now at Boots: let me know if you get it, and if you love it!



Project 10 Pan!

Hello folks!

Having a quick re-sort of my stuff today made me realise two things: firstly that I have a ridiculous amount of products that I’d forgotten about, and secondly that pretty soon I’m gonna have a rather serious storage problem. As a result, I’ve succumbed to a temptation that seems to hit all beauty bloggers sooner or later: I’m doing my own project 10 pan.

Project 10 Pan is a notion created by Laura of ‘buy now, blog later’ who’s videos I’ve watched since forever ago. The basic idea is that you pick 10 products and use them all up – ‘hit the pan’, before you buy any more. A great idea, and one that I’m going to attempt, with a few slight modifications- the first being I only picked out 9 products and the second being that I have no intention whatsoever of not buying other things in the meantime. There’s just waaaay too many lovely stuff that’s about to hit the shelves, and I just couldn’t do that. What can I say, I’m weak. I know it. It’s shameful.

So I’m not using project 10 pan as a shopping deterrant, merely as a way to get some use out of old products and create space for new ones. I’ve made plans to keep them all in a drawer together and have picked one from each ‘category’ as it were, so that I can go through and replace them with another one once they are gone; another lipstick from my stash that needs to go once I use this one up, another face cream once this one is done… you get the idea. So anyway, enough rambling: here are my chosen few.

There they are, all ready to be loved and used! As I said, I’ve tried to pick one from each ‘group’, in theory meaning I can use them all each day. I’ll go into a little more detail on each below.

Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Perfume

As I’ve said before, I love perfume, and having a soft spot for Britney I tend to buy hers even if I only like them a little, for loyalty reasons I guess. This one I picked up a good few years back and haven’t touched since, simply for the reason that it’s only OK. It’s soft, fruity and sweet, very wearable, but I don’t love it, and there are so many perfumes I adore that the ‘likeable’ ones tend to get ignored. Perfume is one area where I really do want to try and cut down, and as a result I’ll be trying to stick to this one until it’s used up.

Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in 11, Porcelain

I actually really like this foundation- it’s matte and soft with great coverage, and it’s pale enough to suit me which can be a struggle since I am roughly the shade of a piece of A4. Despite this, after converting to Bare Minerals around 18 months ago I’ve realised that nothing can beat it, and as a result I’ve sworn to finally get round to using up all the liquid foundations I still have lingering around. Fortunately there isn’t much left of this one, so I should be through it fast, and like I said, it’s a great foundation, so this should be an easy one.

17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer

I bought this for a very sad and pathetic reason- the name sounded like the Smashbox photo finish primer I’ve been coveting for so long, and I was hoping to ease the pain of it only being available in the US. So you can imagine my joy when I found out Smashbox was launching in Boots! There’s an extremely high chance I’ll be rocking home with a basket of Smashbox goodies soon, but in the meantime I’ll work my way through this, which is perfectly adequate but not really ‘magical’.

Soap & Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes eye cream

For some unfathomable reason I’ve managed to accumulate a rather immense amount of eye creams- probably because my mid-twenties are looming fast and I’m trying to keep my skin in denial. Either way, they need using up, and as the nearest to empty I selected this one to go first. It’s a pretty great cream actually, and has roller bead applicators which I’ll miss when It’s gone. A possible repurchase once I’ve worked through them all? We’ll see….

L’oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow in shade 01, Time Resist White

These eye shadows are UNREAL. Don’t let anyone tell you different. They are totally, truly infallible; they last for aaages, and the pigment is heavy and bright. I pretty much love them. But not this one. This one I bought when I was looking for a subtle day shadow, and it’s just waaaay too bright and shimmery for the day. It’s also too light for evening, so as a result I’m gonna use it sparingly, try and make it work until it’s gone and then not buy it again. I’ll buy the others in this line though- boy will I. Especially this one

Lipsmacker lip balm- Vanilla flavour.

I have an unfathomable obsession with lipbalm; it’s one of my irrisistable products, and somehow I’ve managed to collect hundreds. As a result I’ve sworn to step up my usage and work through them, and since this is half gone AND missing the label it’s going first. It’s nice, though, as with all lip smacker- sweet, soft and gets the job done.

Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 day cream

This one feels like a bit of a cheat, since I didn’t actually pay for it- It’s a teeny tiny sample pot the nice lady in boots gave me when I bought my All About Eyes eye cream a while back and since it’s a good brand I feel like I should really use it. A small pot though, which means that hopefully it’ll be gone quickly! It’s a bit too thick for my taste, so I probably won’t repurchase, but let’s see what my skin thinks!

 Mac Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

I have a real problem with mascara (I seem to be saying that a lot…), mainly because I have very pale, ginger eyelashes that are impossible to see, but I hate the clumpy ‘over mascara’d’ look so many can give you. As a result, I live in the constant belief that the next mascara I buy will be ‘the one’. I’ve ended up with a few ‘the one’s’ this way, and this is one of them- it’s a great mascara, utter classic, and I will repurchase eventually. First, though, I have to shift the drawerful I’ve collected, and this is nearly gone so hopefully a week of use will kill it off, therby giving me the illusion of progress. It’s the little things….

Maybelline Color Sensational in shade 812, Delicate Pearl

I really don’t like lipgloss- it’s sticky, gloopy, your hair sticks to it and it never lasts. Lipstick, as a result, is my drug of choice, and I’ve recently decided to pick a favourite kind- L’oreal Rouge Caresse. It’s gorgeous; light with exactly the sheeny, slightly matte look I like and in GORGEOUS colours. As a result, all others must go so I can buy more Rouge Caresse, and this one is the first I picked. It’s a perfectly harmless, light sparkly pink, but it’s pretty unforgettable and I’m hoping to make short work of it.

So there we have it- all the first round contenders for my project 10 pan with a twist (the twist being I still get to buy stuff. God I love twists). I’ll work my way through them as fast as possible, and post again when I have a whole new set- and hopefully a lot more space!



Review: Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening Mascara + Superdrug mini-haul

As I mentioned in my previous post, this blog was the result of a big shopping trip, during which I popped into Superdrug for mascara and came out with a little more.

This is what I picked up…

This mini haul consists of a few products from NYC and Max Factor. I’ll start with the product I originally went in for: the mascara.

This mascara is a staple of my ‘day’ look; I don’t like thick, overloaded lashes in the day, and I’m always aiming for a ‘no mascara’ look. In my opinion, this mascara is the best out there for that, giving you lashes that look long and impressive but still like they could just be what God gave you!

The brush is long and slender with short, spiky, rubber bristles. I tend to favour rubber brushes, and the fact that this one is so long makes it easier to apply and is great for reaching right into the corner lashes.







As you can see, if it’s a natural look you want this mascara really delivers, without the ‘spider’ effect some similar mascaras can have. You can layer a few coats if you want a more dramatic effect, but for a look that is convincingly ‘real’ one coat delivers. It’s easy to apply, goes on wonderfully and is seemingly utterly clump-proof! Perfect! I really cannot recommend it highly enough, and it’s a product I will continue to repurchase – unless I find a better one!

So that’s the product I went looking for- now for the ones I ended up with. There was an offer in Superdrug which offered you a free ‘mini’ nail polish when you bought any mascara (apologies, but I didn’t make note of when this offer ends. Note to self: must try harder!). I really like Max Factor polishes and I LOVE miniatures so I was pretty pleased. After much umming and aaahing I finally chose one from the Max Effect range, number 42: ‘Moon Dust’. It’s a light, sparkly lilac with hints of grey and silver and it really is gorgeous.

This is it on a clear base coat with 3 coats. In real life it’s a little more pinkish and the light catches it wonderfully, but this is a pretty accurate representation of the shade. As you can see but it’s a nice, subtle colour and overall I like it, although it does lack that certain something that would shift it into my favourite category. But it was free, and for that reason alone I’m pleased!






I then allowed myself a little wonder around the rest of the cosmetics and I came across an offer on the NYC products that caught my eye. NYC is a brand I’ve not used before, but they were offering a free pack of false lashes when you spent over £3.99. This seemed ridiculously cheap, and I spotted a little eye-shadow palette that I liked the look of so I went for it. This is the eye-shadow:

It’s number 968 if the Colour Instinct set, and if it wasn’t cute enough it’s named ‘Cupcakes and Coffee’. It really is very pretty, and I like the subtle sparkles in the pale colours. I’ve swatched them below.

They come out really nicely and I especially like the one second to the left. Since they are cheap, however, they aren’t as heavily pigmented as I would like which means I’ll probably end up using it up for a plain day look for work purposes and am unlikely to repurchase. It is pretty, though, in a delicate kind of way, so great if you like very subtle, shimmery shadows.

The eyeshadow cost £3.49 so I had to pick something else to get the free lashes. Nothing else really jumped out at me, so I ended up with the old faithful- nail varnish. I chose a cement grey, since I don’t have one in my collection. It’s number 270 in the ‘In a New York Minute’ quick dry range, named ‘Sidewalkers’ and costing £1.79. This is 2 coats over a basecoat:

Nothing fancy, but I was actually really pleased with it. The varnish went on nicely and the coverage was good- I could probably have got away with a single coat if I had painted it thickly enough. It’s the perfect shade of grey in my opinion, and I’ll happily add it to my collection.

Finally we have the thing that started me off- the false lashes.

They’re from their clubbing set as opposed to the day to day set, and they have some rather funky blue stripes through them. I don’t wear lashes too often, but when I do this is the shape I like and the blue does look good.

Overall I’m pleased with everything. I got some nice freebies and I’ll definitely consider NYC again for nail purposes, as the grey varnish really was fantastic.  And of course I got my beloved mascara!